Website Services

We charge $70/hour to create and maintain websites. The total cost for your website project will depend on how much time we spend on it. There are things you can do to make our work simpler and quicker and lower your cost.

We typically spend about 3 hours creating a custom website template, although the actual amount of time spent on your template will depend on how complicated your style is, and if we have to create several webpage mockups before we find one that you like. If you work with us to create a very good description of your website style and content when we meet, we will be able to quickly create your custom website template. Some customers even create mockups of every page so we know exactly how to arrange the content, and exactly which colors, fonts and style elements they want used. Their website projects are always quicker to complete and lower cost.

Most simple pages with a few good quality pictures and up to 10 paragraphs of text take about an hour to create. If we have to do a lot of work on your pictures to make them look good, or if we have to retype your text, then we will spend more time creating your page. If you provide good quality images and provide your text in electronic format (email or Flash drive or CD) which is easily pasted into your website, we can create your page quicker and your cost will be less. We can create the text ourselves by researching your industry and interviewing you. This is less work for you, but it requires more of our time and increases the cost of your website. Longer pages and more complicated pages that access databases, or collect customer information, include animations, or require additional scripting will take more time and increase your cost.

After we meet with you, and before we start work on your project, we will create a website design proposal that includes all the project details and specifies your total cost.

Website Packages

Website design costs vary greatly depending on size, complexity and style. Here are a few examples of different website packages with descriptions and costs to help you understand what your website will cost.

Single Page Websites ~$250

This option provides a very low cost web presence, which may be just what you need if you are advertising an event, or selling an item. We will register your domain name for 1 year, provide a small amount of website hosting space for 1 year, and create a single simple page for your website for about $250.
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Promotional Websites ~$700 + $6.95/month*

This type of website is used to promote a point of view, an industry, or an organization. Your website might tell viewers how to make donations or where they can buy your items, but its main goal is to inform members of your organization or the public. They usually include 5-10 simple webpages.
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Real Estate Websites ~$450

Our real estate websites are like expanded MLS listings that customers can find on the Internet. They include all the important features of the home and neighborhood and many pictures.
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Musician Websites ~$1000 + $6.95/month*

Websites are great tools for musicians. Use your music website to promote your latest CDs or downloads and even sell them directly to your fans, communicate with your fans through newsletters or blogs, and tell everyone when and where you will be performing.
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Basic Business Websites ~$1000 + $6.95/month*

These websites advertise the businesses' products and direct customers to either call the business or visit in person to make purchases. This type of site is more appropriate for selling products that require a customer to inspect them personally, and for businesses that want to talk directly with their customers to make the sale.
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Online Stores with Shopping Carts ~$1200 + $6.95/month*

These online stores advertise products and use a shopping cart to take orders from customers. These businesses find it easier and cheaper to have us make any changes to their inventory because they don't need to make changes more than once a month and we can usually make the changes within 1-2 days, and the store owner can concentrate on their business instead of how to update their website.
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Online Stores with Owner Controlled Inventory ~$2000 + $6.95/month*

If your inventory changes constantly, you are able to take your own product pictures, and you are comfortable making changes to your website you might want a website with an owner controlled inventory. These websites are more expensive to create initially because we have to create two websites one for your customers and another private one for you to use when updating your inventory.
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WordPress based Websites ~$1000 + $6.95/month*

WordPress is the most popular blogging tool on the Internet, and they have expanded their capabilities to the point that you can create an entire website using the WordPress tool. WordPress websites are as easily customized or as fast as a custom website, but they are an economical way to create a website, especially if blogging will be an important part of your website.
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*These are only cost estimates. Your actual costs will be specified in your proposal.

Other Website Services

Website Hosting

We don't host websites, but we recommend HostMonster to most of our customers, they are reliable, easy to work with, and reasonably priced. We recommend that you sign up for your own website hosting account so you control it, but we will help if you want our help.
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Website Domain Name Registration

Your domain name is very important to the success of your website. We will help you choose your domain name, but we recommend that you register your domain name yourself so you maintain complete control of your website.
» Learn more about Website Domain Name Registration

Defining a Style for your Website

Some customers ask us to just create a website that will sell their products or services, and we will do that if you ask, but we usually end up with a more effective website when we work with you. You know who your customers are and what makes them buy your products or services.
» Learn more about Defining a Style for your Website

Organizing your Information into Webpages

A well organized website is very important because your customers will leave your website and go to your competitor's site if they get confused when trying to find information about you or your products.
» Learn more about Organizing your Information into Webpages

Graphics Manipulation

Images are very important to your website. Your customer's only experience with your product might be your description and picture, so the pictures on your website should be as good as possible. Good composition is nice, but clear focus and proper exposure are critical.
» Learn more about Graphics Manipulation


We write programs that can make your web pages powerful, interactive and more interesting to your customers using HTML, JavaScript®, and PHP.
» Learn more about Website Programming

Implementing your Website

We use Adobe DreamWeaver to create and manage your website. This is a very powerful program that helps us design and check your website quickly and economically.
» Learn more about Implementing your Website

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines like Google bring customers to your website. We will design your website to be search-engine-friendly help you improve your website's ranking in the search engine results.
» Learn more about Search Engine Optimization

Paid Online Ad Campaigns

The quickest way to get your website noticed is to start a Google AdWords campaign. You can have your Ads in front of your customers in less than an hour.
» Learn more about Paid Online Ad Campaigns

Website Maintenance

The Internet is not a static medium like a printed catalog. Web styles and website goals change, personnel come and go, stock and prices change. Websites are easily modified and should be kept up to date to keep your website as effective as possible.
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Graphics Design

Brochure Design

Sometimes you just want to give your customers something to hold in their hands. We will create paper brochures that you can have printed at Kinkos or your printer of choice. Here are a few examples of our brochures.
» Brochure examples

Magazine Ad Design

We will even work with the advertising department at your favorite magazine to create your ad using their specifications. These are a few of the magazine ads we have created for our customers.
» Magazine Ad examples

Business Card Design

When you change your branding you may want to change your business cards to match the style of your website. These are a couple business cards that we designed to match our customer's websites.
» Business Card examples

Logo Design

We will work with you to create or modify a logo to represent your product or company.
» Logo examples

Selling your Products at Amazon

Amazon doesn't just sell books, they sell many items. We can help you sell your products at Amazon. We can even convert your book to Kindle format for Amazon downloads.
» Learn more about Selling your Products on Amazon

Selling your Products at eBay

eBay can be another major channel for selling your products and give them great exposure to new customers. eBay doesn't just sell by auction, there are also "fixed price sales" and you can have your own eBay store.
» Learn more about Selling your Products at eBay


Good photography can make a sale, and poor quality photographs can make your website look unprofessional and even scare customers away.
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